We thought offering card services should be straightforward, so we made it that way.

From zero to sorted in 60 days*.

*Subject to card design & implementation

optimus card


Card management

We’ll help you get real debit cards with your branding into your customers’ hands the easy way.

  • Card design
  • Chip profile definition
  • Risk profile definition
  • Card product setup
  • Card life-cycle management
  • Transaction authorisation
  • Financial approval, monitoring and reporting

Complete digital services

Our rich APIs provide access to value-added services to dedicated IBANS and virtual accounts, with customer protection front of mind.

  • PIN selection
  • Card freeze and unfreeze
  • Lost or stolen card reporting and blocking
  • Auto-reissue
  • Instant issue replacement virtual cards
  • In-app chat

Call centre

We provide 24/7 white-label customer support to take care of you and your cardholders.

  • In-Hours Call centre for cardholders
  • In-app customer service
  • Disputes Management
  • Fraud Investigation and Management


We thought handling finances should be straightforward, so we made it that way.

  • All scheme (MC, PIN4) settlement & reconciliation are handled via Mastercard®
  • Settlement processing for entire business
  • Settlement reporting
  • Dispute management
  • Chargeback management
  • Fraud investigation

Management Information and Reporting

Our clear and simple integrated solutions enable you to work with back office providers to meet your single customer view requirements.

  • QMR reports
  • Monthly Mastercard scheme reports
  • Daily Reconciliation reports
  • MI feeds into Data Warehouse
  • Generate custom reports to enable daily, weekly, and monthly analysis reporting
  • Data Exchange – Extract and referencing available
  • Audit Trail


Keep it all on the record and make it look easy.

  • Reconciles Mastercard® advisements to clearing files
  • Reconciles accounts with Credit Unions

3D Secure

All Optimus Cards services feature PDS2 compliant 3D Secure to provide our customers with the latest cybersecurity protection.

3D secure

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure (3DS) is a card authentication technology with requires customers to complete an additional verification step when making online purchases.

The extra step greatly reduces the risk of fraud.

With Biometric Authentication and SMS prompts, cardholders have the peace of mind that their data and money is protected.

How 3D Secure works

icon cart

The customer enters their card details at the checkout.

icon circle tick

The customer is redirected to their bank to confirm the transaction.

icon bag

The customer completes the verification steps to authorise their purchase.