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White label cryptocurrency debit card

Fiat is old hat. We’re welcoming in a financial revolution with white label multi-currency debit cards, credit cards and virtual cards designed to empower cryptocurrency platforms.

Convert any assets and spend any currency, straight from your digital trading platform

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How cryptocurrency debit cards work

New money is all the same. Vendors don’t need to accept cryptocurrency for your members to use it.

To use their cryptocurrency for everyday purchases, from ATM visits to Amazon orders, your customers just pay with their card, accepted globally where they see the Mastercard logo. It really is that simple.

One stop shop

Deliver cards and IBANs into the hands of your customers and subscribers, all through Optimus Cards.


A compliant card programme, integrated into your existing app.

We do the heavy lifting

As Principal members of Mastercard®, we’ll arrange contract signature to launch and beyond.

Flexible and scalable cryptocurrency cards

Who says size matters? Here’s how we work with businesses of all sizes.

Put your stamp on it

Fully customisable API library with clear documentation and a sandbox to test before deploying to your environment.

Cash is old hat

Access global fiat, crypto, and other currencies with multi-currency physical and virtual cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay – all through your existing platform.

You hold all the cards

Manage multiple accounts, including payments between users, all within your platform.

We work hard so you can play hard

Gaming customers* can hold digital tokens and spend and earn within the game.

*Regional restrictions apply in line with local laws.

It’s your deal

Ability to seamlessly embed digital wallet functionality into your solution, allowing your customers to manage their finances without leaving your app.

A perfect balancing act

API driven financial services, digital wallets and debit cards. All done your way in your platform.

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