BIN Sponsorship

Launch your card programme with ease. We are a Principal Member of Mastercard. We will provide all the benefits of membership without the cost.

Our customers receive fast-track Mastercard BIN sponsorship through Optimus Cards, for debit cards, pre-paid cards and credit cards.

We can sponsor card programmes as an EMI for non-regulated businesses, or on behalf of a financial institutions through processing partners.


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Mastercard Bin Card

BIN Sponsorship is a quick way to access Mastercard’s card scheme ahead of launching a financial product. The BIN, or bank identification number, ensures funds can be transferred instantly from one account to another during a transaction.

Schemes only assign BINs to members, which is where Optimus comes in as a sponsor and Mastercard® principal member.


Expert support

Receive support and advice directly from our experts.


Optimus takes a flexible approach to supporting your business aspirations.


We’ve got you covered for clearing, settlement and compliance.

Your balance sheet

If you’re a regulated entity, you can hold your funds on your own balance sheet.

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