Debit Cards

What makes the perfect payment card?

When launching a card programme, it’s important to get it right the first time. Launching a quality product results in high customer trust and increased retention. This is key in a highly competitive market, where once a customer is lost, they won’t come back.

We have some tips for ensuring you choose the right white label card provider to launch a card that instils long term trust in your customers.

Speedy turnaround

Once you’ve decided to introduce a payment card to your offering, waiting for it to be developed can lead to frustration and result in missed opportunities.

By partnering with a white label card provider that can deliver all elements of development, from design to reconciliation, your card could launch to market in as little as 60 days.


If growth is a part of your plans, ensure you launch a programme that can be scaled to any membership size. Working with a provider that offers a wide ecosystem of integrated technology allows for plenty of flexibility in the scale of your offering, whether you need to increase the size of your customer base or introduce new features to your card account, such as digital, virtual and app-based solutions, or additional security tools.

Customer-centric solutions

Where there are customers, there will always be customer service required. When using a white label service, ensure this includes 24/7 customer support to offer peace of mind and reduce the risk of customer complaints.

Any issues with a card can be a disaster for customers who rely on them every day so they need to be sure they are in safe hands. A card provider that offers round-the-clock support via call centres and in-app features is vital.


As standard, any card programme should offer virtual cards, as well as physical for fiat currency. One in three consumers now use a digital wallet for everyday transactions, so providing this as part of a service is another essential for customers.


Cryptocurrency can now be used for everyday purchases. Card solutions exist that allow instant conversion of crypto to fiat, connected directly to the crypto platform.


Security solutions such as 3D Secure allow customers to provide additional verification when making purchases online, with the prompt being sent directly to the user via SMS or biometric authentication.

These steps greatly reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions, and ensure the customer is in control of their account.

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